About Us

Kauger Arms has just as much of a driving passion for innovation as the company does for craftsmanship. This commitment to excellence has produced some of the finest rifles and firearms in the last decade.


The company has spent countless years designing, developing and manufacturing some of the highest - quality and highest - performing rifle actions for the firearms industry's leading manufacturers. Coupling the decades of experience in engineering and gunsmithing, Kauger Arms developed a new line of industry - leading actions and firearms that truly are more accurate, durable, and dependable than their predecessors.


Staying True to tradition and quality, all Kauger Arms firearms and accessories are 100% made in the U.S.A. Boasting revolutionary technology, all actions are "barrel ready" with the faces of the receivers perfectly true to bore. No matter what your preferred shooting sport, Kauger Arms can customize your "dream" rifle that will instantly become an heirloom.



Are you ready foryour new Kauger Arms Rifle?