Tac Pro

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The Kauger Arms Tac Pro features an aluminum chassis with AR15 style grip and an M4 style butt-stock that is fully adjustable. The fore-end will accept any MLOK™ attachments on the side and bottom. The fore-end also features cooling vents to provide uniform cooling for the barrel during long strings of fire. A multi-point radial cut inlet allows the receiver to sit in the chassis stress-free for utmost accuracy (no V-block). The integrated detachable magazine system enables the use of AICS style detachable magazines.


Choose one of the many bolt/handle combinations that Kauger Arms offers, choose the trigger of your choice, and to finish it off, decide if you want a button rifled or single point cut rifled barrel.

You can also have your rifle bedded! Kauger arms guarantees sub MOA on all rifles, and guarantees .5 MOA or less on bedded rifles.

Comes in a hard-shell case.

Images may not be available for all option combinations.


*Scope and Bi-pod not included.



Your rifle will be shipped to the dealer of your choice or the dealer nearest to the address provided, the address of which will be emailed to you at time of shipment. If email is not provided, the phone number provided will be contacted. Kauger Arms is not responsible for any processing fee that may be required from dealer. If you do not pass background check, the firearm will be returned to Kauger Arms and the card used for payment will be refunded.

Check State and Local laws before attempting to purchase a firearm.

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