Dual Port Benchrest "BR"

Dual Port Benchrest "BR"

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Benchrest Action Right Hand


The BR action is a short action single shot with a left side loading port and right side eject. Available in right hand only.

As with all Kauger Arms competition actions, it is fully nitrided and uses our extremely smooth competition bolt.


Choose from multiple bolt and bolt knob combinations.




 -Remington 700 Footprint

 -Barrel Threads 1.0625" X 16

 -#8-40 Scope Mounting Screws

 -.062" Diameter Firing Pin

 -Pinned Bolt Head Allows for Changing the Bolt Face Without Replacing the Entire Bolt (non floating bolt head)

 -Sliding Plate Extractor

 -Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Bolt Shroud

 -416 Stainless Steel

 -7/32" Thick Pinned and Hooded Recoil Lug

 -.700" Nitrided Bolt

 -2 Lug / 90 Deg Throw


Kauger Arms full lineup of competition actions are Nitrided from the receiver right down to the firing pin. All components are made from 416 stainless which are then heat treated and Nitrided making them the perfect foundation for the continuous use rifle of a competitive shooter.

Our competition bolt has been redesigned to provide smoother cycling while maintaining a solid firing pin strike that you can depend on shot after shot.

*20 MOA Rail included with All competition actions*








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