Elite Long Action (Light Weight)

Elite Long Action (Light Weight)

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The Elite Action is 5.5 Oz lighter than the VPR, but has the same rugged durability and smooth bolt cycling you've come to expect. The Elite Long Action weighs in at 24.7 Ounces.



Kauger Arms actions are made to be as accurate and smooth as possible. The bolt utilizes a gas shield for safety and also gives the bolt more surface which makes it extremely smooth. The bore and face are machined in one operation and are perfectly true to one another, so there is no need for refacing by a gun smith. Threaded for 1 1/16" - 16 barrel.


Available in Standard and Extended Length Mag Well.




 -Remington 700 Footprint

 -Barrel Threads 1.0625" X 16

 -#8-40 Scope Mounting Screws

 -.062" Diameter Firing Pin

 -Pinned Bolt Head Allows for Changing the Bolt Face Without Replacing the Entire Bolt

 -Sliding Plate Extractor

 -Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Bolt Shroud

 -416 Stainless Steel

 -7/32" Thick Pinned and Hooded Recoil Lug

 -.700" Nitrided Bolt

 - Weight - 24.7 Ounces

 -2 Lug / 90 Deg Throw


Note- *Remington 700 Scope Bases are not compatible with Kauger Arms Actions*

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